Weekly Favourites 25

I finally started working this week, which was nice to add more of a schedule to my life. This week was jam-packed and crazy busy, and I’m so glad that this weekend has been generally chill so I could have some time to actually sleep!

1. Spending lots of time downtown, whether its vintage shopping, drinking frappuccinos and people-watching, or walking in the amazing sunshine.

My City

Photo Source

2. Long walks in the rain by the waterfront

3. I really miss conducting choirs, so helping my younger friends with their Chamber Choir auditions this week was a great way to experience that again

4. Great Sundays, including having breakfast at De Dutch, exploring downtown and driving to obscure locations just to look at graffiti with my amazing photographer friend.

5. Going to the movies! I went and saw Bridesmaids, and HIGHLY recommend it! Incredibly funny and a great film.

6. Going to an amazing restaurant; Afghan/Indian food, with live music, sitting on stumps of wood as chairs and eating some incredible food for my little brother’s 18th birthday.

I’m really looking forward to tonight; the Canucks are playing the Sharks in the playoffs, and then I’m heading to see Kina Grannis play a show with her sisters downtown! Definitely a great way to end the weekend.


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