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Today was a great start to the week.

I started off the morning with a hike in the beautiful sunshine with my friend, then hanging out for a while. After getting home, showering and making lunch, I headed over to a friend’s house where two of my friends and I sat in the sunshine (while I piled on five litres of sunscreen). I love the feeling of summer; the feeling of us lying on warm towels on the grass, and then just deciding to go to the mall, and piling in the car with our purses full of sunscreen bottles, lip gloss, magazines, with the windows rolled down and the music blasting. We had a good girly day, walking through the stores and laughing at all the weird clothes we found, sharing candy and buying dinner at the food court. Now, at home, I have that feeling of spending a day in the sunshine, exercising, having fun, and the sticky scent of sunscreen still on me.

The plan for the next few days is applying for jobs like crazy, hitting almost every store in the mall, or in the areas nearby. And hopefully even more exercise. It’s the best start to a day.

It’s hard to appreciate free time when it’s all that you have in your life…as much as working sucks some fun out of life, I’m just excited to be able to have something to do, a constant in my life this summer.


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