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Weekly Favourites 10

Back again! Man, I have been procrastinating like no other today. Here is my promise to myself – I will do at least 2 more hours of studying tonight after I finish this post! No excuses!

Moving right along, I’ve had another great week with tons of things to smile about.

1. Waiting for my brand new, free, beautiful headphones to arrive in the mail

2. Meeting Kim Phuc, a truly inspirational woman with quite the story to tell.

3. Getting scholarships for and the ability to represent my University at the Universities Fighting World Hunger Summit in February!

4. Making new friends in classes

5. Tight and Bright parties!

6. Being thankful for the wonderful things I have in life; great food, an amazing place to live, education, incredible friends and family…


SONG LOVE: Rolling in the Deep by Adele


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Weekly Favourites 9

Okay, this post is embarrassingly late…almost by a week. I promise you, I have been unbelievably busy and will do my best to keep up in the future! I don’t remember a time when I have been as busy as I am these days, it’s so stressful! I can’t wait until reading break already…

1. Foreign language films

2. Playing my favourite sport – basketball – again. I’m definitely a little rusty but it’s tons of fun!

3. My interviews (a total of 5 hours) for an RA position in residence next year. They were actually a lot of fun and I ended up making some new friends out of them :)

4. Open mic nights

5. DJ Pauly D’s live show…he wasn’t the best DJ in the world, but it was a great night out, complete with Chinese food at 2:30am, dancing like guidettes (including mandatory fist pumping) and, of course, tequila shots.

6. Birthdays and quality time with friends

SONG LOVE: The Heart Is A Cannibal  by the Cat Empire

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Weekly Favourites 8

Wow, I sure didn’t expect my first week back to be so stressful already! I’ve barely had time to follow blogs, let alone finish all my readings and assignments. But there have definitely been some great moments this past week I’d love to share.

1. Having such amazing classes- I know I’ll probably hate them once essays and midterms are the next day, but they are all so interesting!

I'm going to be spending a lot of time in here

2. Arriving home from great nights out at 3am…and there still being enough going on in res to keep me up until 4.

3. Going downtown for the first time of the semester! I had a great night with two friends hitting up the clubs and bars, dancing, meeting people, listening to some great DJs and live music and enjoying the beautiful snow

4. Cake at church to celebrate a wonderful man’s 90th Birthday.

5. Crossing tons of things off my embarrassingly long to-do list

6. Last but not least….TOGA PARTIES!


SONG LOVE: Yellow Brick Road by Angus & Julia Stone

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Weekly Favourites 7

Here I am back in Guelph! I had an amazing last week in Vancouver but almost forgot how much I love Guelph. Vancouver is definitely where I want to live, but Guelph is the school for me.

1. So many little favourites, such as sushi dinners and nights at the local pub, that are so regular, yet make me smile.

2. Going to see Harry Potter again!

3. Going for walks along the water in the winter

4 . Settling back into residence and being with great friends again

5. Spanish class…most likely to be my favourite class this semester, it’s fun already

6. Warm coats that help me handle the 15 degree temperature difference between here and Vancouver!


SONG LOVE: Meet Me In The Basement by Broken Social Scene

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Missing Down Under

Thanks to all this dreary rain and overcast weather, I’m definitely starting to miss Australia a bit! And although I’m excited to head back to Guelph, I’m terrified of what the weather is going to bring…. -40 degrees (Celsius) and snow all day every day…

Definitely not something that will lift my spirits. And just imagining trudging through however many feet of snow to get to class every day makes me want to promise myself that I will just skip all morning classes.

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Weekly Favourites 6

A little late with this one, but here we go!

1. Sushi! I have missed this food so much while in Ontario

2. Community traditions…Every New Years Day, hundreds of people run into the ocean in Deep Cove as part of the Penguin Plunge. So much fun to watch or even participate in.

3. Snowshoeing up Mount Seymour!

4. Shopping in the states…didn’t get very much, but very satisfied with the things I did

5. More and more yoga…I’ve still been going every day (I missed two from a busy schedule, though) and feeling great!

6. Parents and siblings who will always come to the rescue…mine drove 30 minutes out of their way at 1am on New Years Eve to pick me up when I was stranded after my purse got stolen (what a great way to bring in the new year, huh?). At least I was safe and know that I can count on them in those situations.


SONG LOVE: Scar That Never Heals by Jeremy Fisher

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