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Weekly Favourites 5

I totally wish I was writing more during the break, seeing as I have time for once, but hopefully that will change in the next two weeks I have here. Let’s get right down to business…

1. Enjoying holiday traditions, such as the Winter Solstice night at the local church…beautiful walk to the waterfront with lanterns, then enjoying a walk through the labyrinth, hot dogs and cider, and just spending time with my family and my best friend.

2. Downtown Vancouver once again…I am just so in love with this city.

3. Yoga! Last week I started two weeks of unlimited yoga and have so far gone everyday…I even went three times today. It feels so good to get some great exercise and try some new types of classes. And my posture has improved so much already!

4. Nights spent with friends you haven’t seen in ages, or who you see all the time, just enjoying each other’s company…and then not exactly remembering everything the next morning thanks to cheap pitchers of beer at the bar.

5. The adorable church near my home (as mentioned in number one). It’s so small and quaint, but hosts great events. The Christmas eve pageant had me acting as Mary while my brothers were donkeys and sheep during the Nativity story.

6. I’m going to go right ahead and say the obvious – Christmas! My favourite holiday of the year, and all that comes with it. Not to mention that Santa was so good to me this year…(says the proud new owner of an iPhone 4)


SONG LOVE: Gorgeous Behaviour by Marching Band


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Weekly Favourites 4

What a week! I’ve been back in Vancouver for a week now and have loved every moment of it!

1. Christmas concerts and Chinese food

2. Being with friends in crowded and noisy, or empty and quiet, bars

3. Movie marathons that don’t leave you feeling guilty for wasting 4 hours

4. House parties! Having non-stop university residence parties for the last 3 months left me missing these terribly.

5. Christmas shopping in downtown Vancouver in the wonderful sunshine, with the gorgeous snow-coated mountains and shining ocean in view.

My City

6. My older brother coming home today! The whole family will finally be reunited after almost 4 months.


SONG LOVE: Virginia Moon by The Foo Fighters featuring Norah Jones

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Weekly Favourites 3

Exam Week Edition! So many things have happened in seven days…it’s been pretty busy

1. Finishing all my exams! What a great feeling that is. I’ve barely had any sleep all week.


2. This may sound crazy, but pulling an all-nighter in the Science Complex the night before my last final exam (economics) with two friends. And actually being productive and having a great time!

3. My suite’s Christmakkuh party, secret santa exchanges and drinking punch

4. Arriving home safely in Vancouver; getting to see my best friend and my family after 3 months

Home sweet home

5. Making embarrassingly large purchases in the liquor store

6. Realizing how awesome all my friends are, and that I’m surrounded by them :)

SONG LOVE: Let It Shine by Jeremy Fisher

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Weekly Favourites 2

Happy December! One of my favourite months of the year is finally here, and let’s just say I am definitely up for the challenge of final exams, being in a long-distance relationship for a month and participating in the sport of Christmas shopping. In fact, I just got back from the mall after spending a good 2 hours there trying to pick out a secret santa present…and I’m exhausted before I’ve even started studying yet today. So here we have some of my favourites this week.

1. Spending last weekend away from university and having time to RELAX

2. Secret extra review sessions for econ!

3. Having dinner and treats with my DG in a cosy home nestled around the fireplace.

4. Clubbing downtown with friends I haven’t spent quality girl time with in ages! Not to mention $2 jagger bombs…

5. Using the cold weather as an excuse to cuddle with my boyfriend

6. Reading Harry Potter out loud to my friends over skype :)

SONG LOVE: A Love That Will Last by Renee Olstead

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