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Weekly Favourites 27

This week absolutely flew by! Us Canadians got to enjoy a long weekend, since Monday was Victoria Day, and it really did make a difference in how quickly we all got to reach our next days off!

1. Cool bars! I tried a new place with a friend called Guilt and Company in Vancouver. You can order amazing drinks and food, and they are stocked with tons of board games which are brought to your table. I can definitely say yes to playing some scrabble, cranium, taboo and jenga with friends in a bar downtown!

2. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Great movie.


3. The Canucks moving on to the finals of the Stanley Cup! It feels so great to have something that connects the city and that everyone is excited for.

4. Singing with my high school’s Alumni Choir (which I have been a part of for 2 years). I can’t stress enough how much I miss singing in choir.

5. Family dinners out at restaurants (this time was Chinese food at a restaurant we’ve been frequenting for 20 years)

6. Spending the weekend at counsellor training for the summer camp that I’ve been attending for the last ten years! I got to spend three days eating amazing food, sitting around campfires, (watching others) go swimming, and hanging out with friends I only get to see during camp.


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Happy Friday!

I found this lovely quote on a Birthday card at a little boutique my friend works at. And I couldn’t agree more! I’m pretty pumped to be camping this weekend right along a river, and hope you all will find ways to enjoy being outside in some way this weekend. Happy Friday, everyone, go bond with your inner hippie child!

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Weekly Favourites 26

I had such a great week, with lots of great weather and events to attend. With the Canucks looking good in the playoffs and all of my friends now home from university, things are definitely looking up.

1. Meeting friends for coffee and tea, as well as long walks around some of the most beautiful places in the city

2. Improv shows at great indie cafes

3. Getting tons of exercise; running on the beach and playing soccer games

4. Birthdays! My friend turned 23 this week and we had an amazing day shopping, lying in the sun, watching the Canucks game and then heading downtown for a night out

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5. The Saturday Night Live season finale! Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga were the guests, and the episode was amazing!

6. Once again, seeing Kina Grannis perform in Vancouver was a great show! She played with her sisters and they all had such great voices.

SONG LOVE: Laissez Faire by Jeremy Fisher

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Weekly Favourites 25

I finally started working this week, which was nice to add more of a schedule to my life. This week was jam-packed and crazy busy, and I’m so glad that this weekend has been generally chill so I could have some time to actually sleep!

1. Spending lots of time downtown, whether its vintage shopping, drinking frappuccinos and people-watching, or walking in the amazing sunshine.

My City

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2. Long walks in the rain by the waterfront

3. I really miss conducting choirs, so helping my younger friends with their Chamber Choir auditions this week was a great way to experience that again

4. Great Sundays, including having breakfast at De Dutch, exploring downtown and driving to obscure locations just to look at graffiti with my amazing photographer friend.

5. Going to the movies! I went and saw Bridesmaids, and HIGHLY recommend it! Incredibly funny and a great film.

6. Going to an amazing restaurant; Afghan/Indian food, with live music, sitting on stumps of wood as chairs and eating some incredible food for my little brother’s 18th birthday.

I’m really looking forward to tonight; the Canucks are playing the Sharks in the playoffs, and then I’m heading to see Kina Grannis play a show with her sisters downtown! Definitely a great way to end the weekend.

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These are some things that make me smile.

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The Best People You Know

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It’s a given that there are some friends in our lives that we take for granted. Maybe they’re the ones we’ve known the longest, or who we never seem to hang out with anymore. Fair enough. But what about the people who you take for granted by not mutually returning the incredible way that they treat you, or care for you?

Recently, I’ve come to realize that there are some people in my life that I would classify as The Best People I Know. And, simple as that, they are basically the best type of human being that I know. I’ll always remember in English class in high school, while reading To Kill A Mockingbird, my teacher announced that in her opinion, Atticus Finch (the father of Jem and Scout; the lawyer, for those of you who don’t remember as clearly) was the ideal human being. Based on his characteristics, qualities and morals. The Best People I Know are like that too; there is something so significantly honourable about them.

I’m lucky enough to have quite a few people within this category present in my life. While none of them are my “best” friends, or the people I hang out with the most often, I think that this makes them all the more special. Because you expect great things from your best friends; you expect them to be there for you, and always listen when you need to cry, or yell, or just sit silently with someone. But the Best People You Know come out of nowhere and earn their title without wanting anything else in return.

Basically, these people just make you feel…well, great. Special. Like you really mean something to them. Or maybe they just give you hope that not everyone in the word is selfish and too busy to care.

I’ve noticed that in my life, these people often have similar defining traits. In the case of a few of them, I have never once heard them say anything negative about another person. Ever. I completely acknowledge how difficult that is to maintain and commit to, which just adds to their greatness in my books. Other times, these people have gone absolutely above and beyond any expectations I have had of them as friends. Or some just always have my best interests in mind, never cut me down, and make me feel like I’m just as important in their lives as they are in their own. Unbelievable.

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Which gets me to wondering…am I a “best person you know” to someone else? I know most of the people I’m thinking of in my head would hardly consider themselves having a spot on my own list. So maybe we all mean a little bit more in the lives of others than we think.

Also interesting to consider: the qualities that have led me to consider some friends to be in this particular category are things that I have always wanted to encompass and have people associate with me. I want to be the person who never says negative or disrespectful things about others. I want to put others before myself, commit to small acts of kindness, and reduce selfishness. I want to want the best for my friends, avoid jealousy, and actively support my them in their lives.

I want to challenge you to reflect and think about these things. Who are the Best People You Know? What puts them in that category for you? Do you treat them just as well as they treat you? How could you become a Best Person You Know to someone else? And what are the characteristics or traits you respect and appreciate the most?

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Weekly Favourites 24

Happy Mothers Day! I wish a great, appreciative day to your mothers (or you, if you are a mother!). My Mom is away dancing with Michael Franti at the New Orleans Jazz Festival right now (true story) so I spent the day shopping and cooking some delicious grub.

1. I worked at the Canadian Elections on May 2nd, which involved a 16-hour long shift, with no breaks! Strangely enough, it was a lot of fun, and the guy I was working beside for those many hours, who I only knew as an acquaintance before, is now one of my closest friends.

2. Going to see my little brother’s high school production of A Midsummer’s Night Dream (he was Lysander)

3. My first soccer game of the spring season! Although we lost 2-1, I was happy enough scoring the first goal for my team of the season :)

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4. Sushi dates with old work friends

5. The best night out downtown I’ve ever had! I went to a country bar (never been to one before) with my friend for her Birthday. It soon became an amazing night of drinking beer, watching brave souls ride a mechanical bull, meeting some great people, and dancing country-style with friends.

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6. Job prospects! I’m still “funemployed”, but have had some interviews and offers recently, so hopefully that will change soon!

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