Updates and Thoughts

Although I should be working on finishing my Geography lab that’s due tomorrow so that I can go see the Hunger Games this evening, all I can think of it how I just want to write something non-academic, just even for a few minutes!

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to meet the students that will be going to Guatemala with me, as well as the professor leading the trip and students that went last year. That definitely renewed my excitement, I’ve found myself googling everything and everything to do with planning and travelling, and even a little bit restless.

With only two weeks left of classes, and two weeks of exams, I keep finding myself shocked everyday when I see my countdown to the end of the year getting shorter and shorter. Last week we had some absolutely fantastic weather, with a temperature of up at 28˚C, and it made the summer just seem so close and attainable. I’ve been applying for jobs and writing cover letters like crazy, but am mostly looking forward, first and foremost, to my trip to Chicago to visit a friend at the end of April. I haven’t ever planned a trip on my own before, and this is just the greatest. I’m looking forward to living a real-life version of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off every day, because that is completely realistic.

I think I’m just at the point where I have a lot of exiting things to look forward to in the near and far future, as well as some pretty outstanding people to spend some time with. And I’m ready to buckle down and get the rest of my assignments and exams out of the way so I can reach them!

Here’s to the last few weeks.


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