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Friends, it all ends tonight at midnight.

I haven’t mentioned on this blog before, but I am one of those die-hard HP fans you warn your children about. Well, I’m more quiet about it. I don’t wear my wizard robes in public (unless it’s for a Harry Potter movie or event), but I am a long-time Mugglenet-account-owning, midnight-movie-release-attending, book-hugging Harry Potter fan. Like many in my generation, I grew up with these books, starting when I was seven years old. I begged my grade three teacher to read the first book to our class during reading time because I needed the world to hear it. I read the books more times than I can possibly keep track of, have the autographs of many of the actors, have danced at Harry and the Potters concerts and have loved every minute of this fandom.

Tonight, at the midnight release of the final movie of the series, I say goodbye to a defining part of my generation and my life. Although I am clearly heartbroken and know I will be sobbing my way through the movie, the words of JK Rowling at the London Premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 strike a brave truth in my mind:

“No story lives unless someone wants to listen…The stories we love best do live in us forever. So whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home” – JK Rowling

Let’s go out with a bang, HP fans!


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Summer Lovin’

Guys! How were your weekends? I’ve had such an amazing last week and can’t wait to share with you some photos I’ve taken of my travels and experiences.

I started out the long weekend in Portland, Oregon for the Waterfront Blues Festival. Portland has always been one of my favourite cities!

The festival is right on the Willamette River, with three stages of amazing music. Headliners this year included Buddy Guy and Lucinda Williams (and what a great deal for only $35 for a 4-day pass, with all money going to the Oregon Food Bank!).

We drove through Oregon, heading to Bend (which we all thought was a pretty cool name) and loved the gorgeous desert landscapes.
This past weekend, Vancouver held an amazing free festival in Stanley Park with incredible local artists in celebration of Vancouver’s 125th Birthday. I took these photo of Coal Harbour while walking along the Sea Wall heading to Stanley Park.

Thousands of Vancouverites showed up for the Friday night opening acts of Daniel Wesley and Mother Mother. Both shows were amazing, the park was gorgeous and the vibe was so lovely.

I returned to the festival on Saturday to check out the New Pornographers and Said the Whale. The above photo is of the amazing Said the Whale, who I definitely recommend checking out! 

I took a break from some music to go for a walk out to the water with my boyfriend to watch the sunset on Sunday evening.

The weekend ended with some great performances by Aidan Knight, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, We Are the City, Hey Ocean! and Dan Mangan (who played a fantastic 2 hour set that involved welcoming fans onstage, getting the mayor of Vancouver up on the mic to sing Happy Birthday to Vancouver, releasing giant glowing bouncy balls into the crowds and some seriously rocking tunes.

I’m definitely looking forward to even more amazing events and festivals that will take place this summer. With only a little over a month left until I leave this gorgeous city to head back to school, I need to start concentrating on checking off items on my Summer to-do list!

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Blog Additions

Hey all! I apologize for my ridiculous absence from blogging, but I had a bit of a vacation, as well as holidays that were keeping me busy as ever. I’m going to devote my next few posts to updates on what I’ve been up to, holidays, and whatever random words I feel the need to put on the Internet.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog lately, and how I often seem to fall into blogging ruts. I know that everyone gets them from time to time, but I especially feel like they’re there more often than not for me. After thinking for the past few weeks on this subject, I’ve decided to try a new spin on this blog; something that will make it more exciting for me, and hopefully for my readers as well.

I am an International Development and Environment student currently, which basically summarizes my passions. I know that some who are students are studying only which academic they find to be the most relevant or interesting, or even which they have a passion in, but for me, this is not just an academic decision. This is wholeheartedly the way I wish to live my life and fulfill my happiness and that of those around me; by living the ways that I explore and discover through this program.

I often get the response when I explain what program I’m studying: “Oh, cool….um, what is that exactly?”. So here we go: International Development has no definition. You can’t really explain it. And whenever I try to explain it, I feel like I’m putting limitations on it. The best way I can describe it is that it is a multi-disciplinary (most commonly through the fields of social sciences) and holistic approach to the study and promotion of human development, which, for me, generally involves the promotion or increase of human rights and quality of life. Additionally, I have also chosen to do a specialization in Environment within International Development, which basically explores the relations, interactions and impacts between humans and the environment. I’ll stop with the academic terms and explanations now.

My point (yes, there is a point to all this confusing-ness!) is that I love these subjects and areas with a great passion; and have come to decide to write more blog posts related to these. I hope that by doing so, I am better able to keep on track with my posting schedule and just ENJOY this blog more!

So! Starting this week, expect more posts on human impact on the environment, as well as development-related topics. But please, don’t fear, I am quite liberal and accepting of alternate opinions and views, and am not going to write posts that aim to strike fear and guilt into your hearts, or pressure readers to make unrealistic changes in their lifestyles. I just hope that along with my other post topics, readers are able to connect with and find interest in these subjects as well.

That’s all for this post (thanks so much for reading all the way through if you did!). I’ll be doing my best to keep on track and make Sweeter Music the best that it can be :)

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