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Summit Day 1

The conference today started at 3pm, so there isn’t a great deal of events to cover, but there have still been so many amazing experiences already.



First off, Rozanski Hall, beautiful as it is already, was transformed with the help of hundreds of beautiful spring flowers adorning the Atrium and main lecture hall. It really did smell entirely of tulips the minute you walked in. After registration, we were all given a re-usable Guelph bag filled with goodies – Smarties, an itinerary, travel mugs, cool pens, notepaper, and various reading materials to supplement the weekend.

After waiting for the arrival of the Right Honourable Michaelle Jean, the President’s Dialogue started. Michaelle Jean opened, followed by an American Ambassador, which was quite impressive. The Panel, filled with internationally recognized politicians, diplomats, journalists, researchers and our own President then engaged in discussing topics relating to the central theme of world hunger and poverty. Audience questions somehow disappointed me – it seemed like it was mostly students and other attendees stating facts and their own opinions rather than questions. One delegate from Latin America even took the question opportunity to insult the American Ambassador, quite tactlessly, and without any evidence, I must add. That was definitely a surprise. I’m all for people having their own opinions and living up to them, but that really shouldn’t get in the way of common courtesy and human decency by insulting someone over a microphone in front of hundreds of people without giving them a chance to respond of defend themselves. Oh well, such is life.

The Dialogue was then closed with the presentation of a Doctorate of Law to R.H. Michaelle Jean, which was quite wonderful and lovely to watch such an impressive, yet humble, woman receive such great recognition for her work.

We then moved venues to begin the Reception and Dinner. Our group of ten delegates (me and the fellow sponsored delegates from Guelph) someone got split up at dinner, so four of us girls ended up at a table alone while waiters carried out delicious appetizers from table to table. However, we were lucky in that we were then joined by six delegates from Auburn College in Alabama. They were such great people, very bubbly and outgoing, as well as genuinely interested in Canada, and Guelph. We all quickly and easily carried conversation through the amazing five-course meal. I will only touch upon the highlights of the meal: the salad, with wild greens and cooked apples, pork, applesauce, roast potatoes and carrots, and a dessert of some sort of wonderful pie, followed by the best tea I’ve had in a long time. All food served complied with the 100 Mile Diet, and was certified organic. Needless to say, we were all incredibly satisfied and grateful for such a fun night at the end of the meal. We’d all made some new friends, and us Guelph students learned about the fraternities, football season and rivalries of Alabama, while they gained some knowledge on our cannon painting traditions, the weather and that we definitely have the coolest university president possibly in the world.

Notable mention goes to eating dinner in the same room as such distinguished guests, including Michaelle Jean, sitting just a few metres away. The tables were filled not only with students, but also professors, deans, business owners, corporate sectors as well as any other members of the world community that have signed up for this conference. There were people from all over the world, from all areas of academia. Unfortunately, 140 delegates have yet to arrive due to poor weather conditions at airports where they are currently stranded.

Tomorrow we start bright and early and I am eager to participate in a day full of analysis and opportunities, as well as the further chance to meet more amazing people and create new friendships.

Well, that’s all for now, I need to get to sleep asap or I’ll be relying much too heavily on coffee all day tomorrow. I’ll be sure to include some more notes on materials and thoughts presented.


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Fighting World Hunger

This weekend I am participating in the 6th Annual Universities Fighting World Hunger Summit. Although as an International Development student this issue is definitely within my passions and interests, I have neglected participating in many initiatives that are not academic in promoting awareness and equality. As a very academic person, I have focused too much on theories, critical analysis and research in the last year, which, although it will pay off in the end, are not making a difference now.

It’s opportunities like this that make me fully realize that everyone really can help, with or without a university degree. Take the initiative and opportunities that have been made available to you and DO IT NOW.

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Weekly Favourites 13

Another week closer to the end of the semester…we are officially halfway done! And here I am finally enjoying the much-anticipated reading week. School hasn’t been too overwhelming lately and I’ve really been enjoying the wonderful things in my life, once again.

1. Birthdays! Going out on random weeknights are amazing, but I only ever have the motivation to do so when it’s a friend’s birthday.

2. Reading week starting! Man do I ever need this break. Sadly, most of my break will be spent actually doing readings and studying

3. Valentines Day was lovely; got to spend some time with the bf, but the best parts were long phone calls with my best friend, watching the Notebook alone (you would never guess that I’m not single) and indulging in reading old love letters from past years

4. Cooking dinner with friends for dinner parties.

5. Meeting with delegates from my university who will be attending a conference with me next week.

6. Warm weather! We were blessed with a warm spell for 2 days this week, which allowed me to go outside without a winter coat for the first time in months, wear flats and enjoy WARM rather than freezing winds.

Me + Warmth = LOVE

SONG LOVE: I Know It’s Over by Jeff Buckley

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Weekly Favourites 12

Tons of wonderful things happened this week! I couldn’t wait to share them all with you. Not to mention, it’s been such beautiful weather here! Lots of beautiful sunshine makes for lots of happy people.

1. I got the RA job for next year that I applied for! This was incredibly exciting because it not only reveals my source of income during the school semesters next year, but also where I will be living.

2. Finishing midterms for the next 2 weeks! For now I just need to get a head-start on my essays and studying.

Minus the stress, this is me

3. Spending late nights in the library with great friends, lots of tea, and my economics textbook.

4. Spending Friday nights quietly – watching movies, snacking on popcorn, chips and cupcakes and staying warm indoors.

5. Getting great marks! So far, I’ve been doing very well this semester and it only motivates me to do even better!

6. Going to a friends’ house for the weekend, spending time playing Wii, watching movies, reading meaningless books and eating lots of food.

SONG LOVE: Love And Happiness by Al Green

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Weekly Favourites 11

Wow what a great week! There are so many things to cover I just might have to go over my usual limit of 6 items… :)

1. My Birthday was last Monday! I had a great day, finishing classes at 11:30am, going out for lunch with friends, doing a birthday present scavenger hunt, having an absolutely wonderful dinner out with my boyfriend and then ending the night with a great friend drinking margaritas for hours, even with the negative 20 degree weather.

THIS is what deserts should be like

2. Getting my new headphones (mentioned previously) in the mail! I absolutely love them and I wasn’t 100% sure that I would.

3. SNOW DAYS! Luckily for us students, we had the day off last Wednesday. Unluckily, it meant taking advantage of a whole day of studying. Homework-wise, last week wasn’t too superb.

4. Meeting with my discipleship group for the first time this semester

5. Skyping best friends

6. Creative group projects for classes that involve making new friends

7. Free cupcakes, s’mores and music with friends

8. Surviving the first economics midterm of the semester! I know I didn’t do extremely well (I made some stupid mistakes), but it feels so good to be out of the way

9. Going downtown during the day and night in within the same 24 hours. This included exploring cozy bookstores, as well as dancing at clubs and finishing the night with cheap Chinese food at 2:30am

Can you tell from these photos that I'm hungry right now? Mmmm..

10. Friends from out of town visiting.

11. Keeping busy, motivated and being surrounded by wonderful people always, all the time.


SONG LOVE: Come Around by Marc Broussard

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