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Weekly Favourites 18

Last week was warm and sunny, this week we got a huge dumping of snow and freezing temperatures to battle against. Thankfully, today is gorgeous once again and we’re getting even closer to April!

Just a side note, I have always sourced all the photos in the blog from until this post (the photos are my own). I will note the photo sources from now on since I am using more than one “supplier” :)

1. I got to see some amazing guest speakers this week – Alfred Orono Orono and Andy Bichlbaum (of the Yes Men), who were inspiring and motivated me to increase my civic engagement and participation in world issues.

2. For the first time this whole year, having a good amount of time (aka more than two days) to work on an essay.

3. I went tree planting bright and early Saturday morning which was amazing. The work was almost hypnotic, and the time flew by so fast! It was great to have a reason to get dirty and spend time outside.

4. I’ve done even more great cooking this week; I made Aloo Muttar for dinner and organic brownies for dessert, which I must say is something I never imagined I’d even have time to do.

5. Our International Development class group finished our art project on Friday, which took ridiculous amounts of planning and crossing our fingers that it would turn out! I’m in charge of editing the movie and will post a link to youtube of it as soon as I have it all finished and uploaded!

It's nice seeing all these items on my study desk at the library

6. The sunshine today (and yesterday) has put me in such a great mood, and there’s less than a month left until I return home to Vancouver! Which will be bitter sweet for sure, leaving all my friends here for the summer, but knowing that exams will be finished and summer will be there!


5 Years Time by Noah and the Whale

Problems by Mother Mother


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My mind has been so over-run with information and thoughts and plans this week, I don’t even know where to start.

Something to know about me is that I’ve never had a problem of not knowing what I want to do in the future, in terms of anything, really – travel, school, career. But now, it’s not that I don’t know what I want to do, it’s that there are so many options that I just want to do everything! I feel like I’ve become addicted to volunteering lately, and have had to hold myself back from taking up more and more commitments.

This is an attempt to organize/update the things that have been running through my mind as of late. Maybe it will be fun to look back at this in a few months time when I’ve decided to change things or have been lucky enough to discover more opportunities!


Has been going well so far. Avoiding Facebook has been absolutely wonderful for my school work, and just time management in general. Even on the days that I can go on Facebook (every other day), I’m not tempted to anymore! It’s just a quick go on, check notifications and messages, maybe write some wall posts and etc., scope a handful of photos, and then I’m done. I’m so over reading every. single. status update of every person I ever knew. There’s just under a month left to go, and maybe things won’t even change so much once Easter is over.


I wish I had something absolutely spectacular planned for the summer, like a shiny new job or adventurous trip. At this point, it looks like I’m going to be trying to get rehired back at Starbucks for the summer. Hopefully (fingers crossed!) I can get two weeks off to spend volunteering at the summer camp I’ve been going to every year for ten years. Some additional camping trips would be wonderful as well, but I think taking two weeks off work in a row might make it difficult for me to request a lot more time off. I also got a volunteer position as a leader on a website provided by my school that is like a pre-orientation for incoming new students. Basically, spending 3 hours a week answering any questions, chatting online with students, etc. I’m pretty excited!


I’m still totally in love with my school. And my program. Now I just need to decide if I really want to go to grad school, or law school, or whatever. Which leads me to…

The Future

Which isn’t as daunting to me as the whole phrase “the future” sounds. I don’t know, maybe people never like it because it’s the unknown? Anyways. My current plans are as follows: finish undergrad, get an internship/job placement within an organization for no more than one year (all the money from this trip will go towards paying off any student debt and going towards…), TRAVELING everywhere! For as long as I possibly can! After that, I will decide on going to grad school, or working somewhere else. The thing is, most big organizations require students to be pursuing a Masters in order to grant internships. So, I will basically have plenty of time, traveling experience and (hopefully) related work experience by the time I have to decide all of that.

All of the above things, as well as the incredible opportunities I have in my life, make me so GRATEFUL to just be alive and well and living out my dreams.

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Weekly Favourites 17

1. Holidays! Oh what fun St Patricks Day was. The school’s campus was sprawling with drunken students stumbling around in ridiculous green accessories, carrying 6-packs of beer to their lectures. Also, green is my favourite colour.

2. When friends go out of their way to help you out. It really makes me want to be a much better friend all the more.

3. College Royal! U of G hosts a huge agricultural fair every year, and I explored with two friends all day, seeing the animal shows, livestock, foods, science and amazing displays.

4. Natural events that get everyone excited – I ventured with a huge group of friends into the arboretum Saturday night to admire the moon (the largest it has ever been while full in 18 years). Absolutely gorgeous.

5. Bar-hopping on St Patricks Day, and going into bars you would never normally even consider making a destination.

6. Baking cookies and making incredible dinners.

SONG LOVE: American Baby by Dave Matthews Band

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Remember This?

Remember that thing? What’s it called? Summer?

Remember wearing sunglasses, tank tops, and leaving your hair completely unruly? And that feeling of the sun on your shoulders?

Remember hours spent out on lakes? In inflatable rafts, kayaks, canoes; rowing and then just letting the boat take you where it will while you sleep.




















Remember driving in cars with friends with no real destination? Those songs that make you think of summer, the smell of the cars, hot asphalt, slurpees and sunscreen?

Remember dirt roads? And picking blackberries until the juices stain your fingers for days, and your legs are covered in scratches? Remember blackberry dumplings, pie, tarts?

Remember rivers? And cliff jumping, inner tubes, wearing crocs, drinking Coronas, eating chips, carrying your beach towel in your purse?

























Remember riding bikes? Less driving, less busses, more just saddling up, riding over sidewalks and grass, through parks, to the ocean, to the water park, to your friend down the street. Remember riding your bike from a friends’ house to get home for dinner in time, and every house you pass smells like BBQ and the sun is giving you that perfect twilight?












Remember when sunsets didn’t mean that it was time to head inside? Remember when it signalled the start of even more to come, even more plans and adventures to unfold? Remember watching it while on a blanket on the beach, from your car, from a lake? Remember how the grass would make your legs smell wonderful and the bugs would come out to buzz around?

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Okay so this has been floating around pretty much every blog in the world by now, but I just had to share it on here. This fully encompasses how I want to live my life, but I find that we are always sucked into everyday monotony. I’m hoping to put this somewhere in my room so I can be reminded daily to follow these gentle reminders, that all ultimately lead to the basic: LIVE YOUR DREAM AND WEAR YOUR PASSION.

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Weekly Favourites 16

Today has been amazing. I only have 2 small assignments due this week, which is a huge contrast to every single one of the last 8 weeks. It was sunny today and gorgeous and sort of warm, and I had a wonderful day in classes and with friends and getting lots of work done. Let’s move on to my week prior to today

1. Going to events solo. That’s right – alone. I honestly have a great time just being with myself sometimes, and I took myself to a movie showing of a film reviewing the accountability of the International Criminal Court, and then another movie called the Yes Men Fix The World – definitely a must-see!

2. SOCCER! I’m playing on a team for an indoor soccer tournament with some friends and man does it ever feel good to get back into soccer. We won our first game, too. What a treat.

3. Doing course selection for next Fall and getting all desired classes

4. When you run into people you know in the library and it turns into a late-night study marathon together.

5. Watching the Canucks vs Flames hockey game with a friend from Calgaray…needless to say, Vancouver kicked some serious Calgary butt.

6. Impromptu dinner dates with the boyfriend. We ordered embarrassing amounts of food at a small Chinese restaurant and ended up taking more food home than we ate while there. Yes to Chinese leftovers!

SONG LOVE: Doctor My Eyes by Jackson Browne

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It might seem like all of a sudden, since I’ve been writing way more blog posts in the last few days, that I have much more time on my hands. Well, the truth is, I TOTALLY DO!

Two years ago for Lent I gave up swearing. That went pretty well, since it was only with a few friends that I would stoop pretty low on my vocabulary. Last year I gave up something that was harming my health. But this year, I really wanted to challenge myself much further. The problem? I didn’t want to go with one of the stereotypes. I can’t give up sugar (I really don’t think it makes that big of a difference in my life since I never buy any junk food), I only watch 3 TV shows (Glee, Gossip Girl and SNL), so that wouldn’t make a huge difference, and giving up reading blogs (I actually considered it!) would mean I would probably have to read non-stop for 3 weeks afterwards to catch up.

I really wanted to give something up that was taking over a lot of time in my life, especially since, as a student, I’m always dealing with time constraints and procrastination. I also wanted to deal with something that had probably become an addiction, in order to both give myself more time to focus on my relationship with God, as well as all the other much more significant and important things in my life, as well as attempt to experience a real sacrifice that I would struggle with every day.

So, I chose Facebook.

Now, some people might think this would be easy. However, I have friends all over the world who I communicate with every day over facebook (which helps avoid long distance text and call charges). I like to keep updated on the lives of my friends and siblings, seeing what they’re up to everyday, and just experiencing those kinds of international and cross-national interactions I wouldn’t be able to normally. But I am definitely addicted. I can’t even keep track of how many times I go on every day. Facebook is in my bookmarks bar, and the very first website I go on every. single. time. I go on the Internet. And I go on the Internet A LOT. It takes up way too much time I could be spending with people in REAL, tangible, every day life, keeps me up way too late at night, and sucks away precious studying time.

However, I wouldn’t be able to completely give it up. These are not ways of me “cheating” and taking the easy route out; they are for for specific reasons. I get a lot of messages via Facebook, not to email, regarding meetings and events for the clubs and groups I participate with on campus. I wouldn’t know about these otherwise. Also, they are a big part of my communications with friends back home, because sometimes I just want to say something longer than a text message.

So how to make this work out? I decided that I would only let myself go on Facebook once every two days. Easy right? The catch is that I can spend no more than ten minutes on it during that time. Which is a lot harder than it sounds!

So far so good; I haven’t cheated yet and I’ve made it a bit easier by removing the site from my bookmarks bar and signing off it on my iPhone. The funny thing is that whenever I do go on Facebook now, the time I spend on it is actually productive since I actually have things I need to do on it! For example, now when I sign in, I immediately go through notifications, messages, friend requests, the usual. But I then make is a priority to get everything I need to do out of the way; checking event times, sending messages, replying to wall posts, etc. And by the time that’s all done with, 10 minutes is up.

It’s been only four days so far, and I’ve definitely noticed improvements on my study habits and procrastination levels. What really helps is knowing that Lent ends a few days after I’m done final exams, so this is only going to be beneficial. I’m really hoping I can fight the addiction for the rest of these 40 days and maybe at the end come out as a “clean” Facebook addict.

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