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Academy Awards: Final Thoughts

Okay, so I definitely didn’t end up watching every movie nominated for Best Picture. Why? I realized I didn’t really want to in reality. Maybe another time? We’ll see.

I did end up watching Moneyball, which was surprisingly good. The ones I didn’t watch? War Horse, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, Hugo and The Tree of Life. I can live with that.

Before I get down to business and name a few predictions, I have to say that when I am (most likely) proven wrong in these guesses, it’s usually because I always vote on who I wish would win, rather than who I think was the most cinematically the best choice.

That being said, let’s proceed.

Actor in a Leading Role: This one is really, really tricky. I want to say Gary Oldman, because I love him. But Jean Dujardin did an amazing job in the artist. George Clooney was fantastic as well, and I was impressed with Brad Pitt. Going with my gut instinct, I’m going to say Gary Oldman.

Actress in a Leading Role: So I’ve actually only seen one movie listed in this category (the Help). I’m intimidated by the number of nominations that Albert Nobbs got, so that may have a fair chance (hey, maybe it’s really good!). I heard from my parents that Meryl Streep was fantastic, from a friend that Michelle Williams was great, but I’m intrigued by Rooney Mara…Anyways, I might go with a safe bet and say Meryl Streep. Or Michelle Williams. I can’t decide!

Actor in a Supporting Role: Okay, this one is even trickier because I have once again only seen one movie (Moneyball) in this category, and I really don’t think Jonah Hill will win, although he was great. I’m going to go right ahead and vote with my love for Harry Potter and say Kenneth Branagh.

Actress in a Supporting Role: Only one movie here that I haven’t seen! Yay! Bérénice Bejo was great in the Artist, I don’t really think anyone from the Help will win (just in comparison to the others), Melissa McCarthy, although I’m so pleased she was nominated, will not win…I think that brings it down to The Artist vs. Albert Nobbs (the ever so mysterious Albert Nobbs! It’s in every freaking category except Best Picture). Gonna go ahead and say Bérénice Bejo.

Animated Feature Film: Rango.

Directing: I’m only saying Woody Allen because I’m obsessed (read: in love) with him.

Original Screenplay: Let’s go with Midnight in Paris (see above reasoning), although I would faint with happiness if Bridesmaids won.

Best Picture: I’m still so conflicted! And haven’t watched all the movies! Although the Artist was really cool, I don’t think it deserves to win. If life were fair, Midnight in Paris would win, because it was my favourite of them all. It’s really anyone’s game, though.

Other Thoughts: I hope John Williams wins best original score, and that Harry Potter wins in every category (3 of them!) that it’s nominated for.

Oh dear, I really do bring too much personal bias into my predictions…

Happy viewing!


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