Childhood Favourites

Something I absolutely love to do every summer is re-read books that were some of my favourites as a pre-teen and teenager. There are the obvious classics, like Harry Potter, but I mostly like to bring back the more eclectic, lesser-known novels that I discovered and loved.

I recently realized I had a fascination with books that had a fairy-tale element; that may have taken place in kingdoms with fantastical creatures, or involved imagery of lush forests, clear waters and blue skies.

I just finished reading Once Upon A Marigold by Jean Ferris, which isn’t exactly a masterpiece, but it has always been such a light-hearted and fun read for me, even nine years after I first read it.

It was also hard for me to ever start the Golden Compass when I was younger, though I know countless people who have told me it’s by far one of their favourite books, and series. So I took it out of the library the other day and am ready to start it today. I really hope I can get into it this time, because I’m ready for literature to blow my mind again!

What are some of your favourite books you read when you were younger, that may or may not have been on the bestseller list? Any recommendations?


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