Weekly Favourites 29

Yet another incredible week! I have so much to be thankful for in my life.

1. Spending an amazing day at Italian Day in my dear city, eating plenty of carbs in the sunshine

2. Watching more and more Canucks games in cosy bars downtown with friends and plates of nachos

3. Playing soccer and practicing yoga every day! I haven’t been this physically active in ages!

4. Job interviews, and the little things in life that really make you realize God is totally on your side :)

5. My younger brother’s high school awards ceremony and graduation. He won a ridiculous amount of awards as well as scholarships and I’m so proud of him

6. The most amazing night downtown; heading down after the Canucks won the hockey game, high five-ing hundreds of people along the streets, bar hopping like a pro and running through the streets late at night.


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