Safety First

I don’t want to act like your mom or doctor right now, or ruin your hopes of spending hours in the sun this upcoming summer. I just think that more people need to hear the real stories and realize the seriousness of the possibilities of developing skin cancer. Skin cancer is not an “old person” disease; it is becoming increasingly more common with youth since the use of tanning beds has grown in popularity.

I’m not going to run through the facts. I understand that some of you want to be tan, especially in the summer, as you think it makes you look great. Maybe it does! I’m not going to argue with that. I personally have come to accept my own skin colour in the past few years, after many vacations in Mexico and a year spent getting terrifying sunburns in Australia shook some sense into me. It’s not just fear though; I love my body for how it looks and am happy enough being my own natural skin colour. Which, by the way, is pretty darn pale.

Tanning beds just use UV rays, which are the only part of the sunlight that causes cancer. So basically, you're just getting some sweet cancer channeled directly to your skin.

Instead, I would like to point to the alternatives. Many people avoid self-tanners because they’re worried about streaking lines or turning orange. But gradual and self-tanners have come a long way in the last few years, my friends. You can even get sunscreens that gradually create a tan!

Rachel Phipps has done a fantastic review of gradual tanners on her blog; I would recommend you check it out if you’re hoping to avoid skin and sun damage this year and accept an actually “healthy” glow. Check it out here!

THIS is more like it. Shade, water, and hats..and hopefully some waterproof sunscreen!

I would also recommend reading this article over at Embracing Twentysomthing. Don’t forget to be safe also by checking out your freckles and moles, you’re never too young to start being careful.

Finally, check out this great vid. Once again, I’m sorry for acting like your mom, but I only ever notice more and more people frequenting tanning beds and spending hours soaking in tanning oil and sun rays rather than playing it safe and avoiding a deadly disease.


I hope you plan on being safer this summer while in the sun, and enjoy whatever shade your skin may be, or become.



  1. Thank you so so much for sharing this post — you’ve truly made my day by being another voice to this cause!

    • Beth, it was totally your story that inspired me to write this (obviously) because I know that with so many young people reading blogs, spreading your message will hopefully help prevent others from going through what you unfortunately had to. Thank you so much for sharing your story; you’re definitely going to make some changes in the lives of your readers!

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