Lovely Links

Hey team! Sorry for the lack of blogging I’ve been doing lately; it’d really hard to find a schedule while working a part-time job since I just plan outings and concerts and whatnot for whenever I’m not working (which, sadly, is a lot).

So here are some gems I’ve been loving during the few hours I’ve been spending perusing the interwebs. Enjoy!

  • Guys, this blog is gold. My Closet in Sketches? Yeah. Prepare to be overcome with satisfaction.
  • What few items would you save from your (hypothetically) burning house? These photographs document a few responses of what people hold as priorities in their life. Quite an interesting idea on how to get to know peoples’ interests! My Mom always told me to make sure I save photo albums and photographs from a burning house.
  • Disney movie eye makeup! So, so incredibly precise and…well, just cool!

  • Once again, I love photos of dancers in cool settings. Check out Dancers Among Us for the full gallery!

Anyone got any cool finds to share?


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