Weekly Favourites 24

Happy Mothers Day! I wish a great, appreciative day to your mothers (or you, if you are a mother!). My Mom is away dancing with Michael Franti at the New Orleans Jazz Festival right now (true story) so I spent the day shopping and cooking some delicious grub.

1. I worked at the Canadian Elections on May 2nd, which involved a 16-hour long shift, with no breaks! Strangely enough, it was a lot of fun, and the guy I was working beside for those many hours, who I only knew as an acquaintance before, is now one of my closest friends.

2. Going to see my little brother’s high school production of A Midsummer’s Night Dream (he was Lysander)

3. My first soccer game of the spring season! Although we lost 2-1, I was happy enough scoring the first goal for my team of the season :)

Photo Credit

4. Sushi dates with old work friends

5. The best night out downtown I’ve ever had! I went to a country bar (never been to one before) with my friend for her Birthday. It soon became an amazing night of drinking beer, watching brave souls ride a mechanical bull, meeting some great people, and dancing country-style with friends.

Photo Credit

6. Job prospects! I’m still “funemployed”, but have had some interviews and offers recently, so hopefully that will change soon!


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