Happy Friday!

Hello wonderful people! Congrats on making it to the weekend! Whether you’ve had a stressful week at work, been studying at school, or even taking ‘er easy, I hope this weekend brings you refreshment, relaxation and opportunities to enjoy a fuller life.


Keep in mind that the biggest influencer on your own thoughts and actions is YOU. Other people, concepts and ideas can obviously have a great impact on you, and sway your decisions, but you are ultimately the one who allows these thoughts to form, the actions to evolve and your own impact to occur. Your mind can only hold one thought at a time. Why not make it a positive one?


Don’t put off doing new and exciting things this weekend. When else are you ever going to learn a skill, go to a show, or just get out and do something, anything, that you’ve secretly (or explicitly) been wanting or intending to do for a while? Weekends are the perfect time to do something for the first time. You have less excuses, and the thrill of knowing its Friday, or Saturday, for goodness sake, and what’s the point of a weekend if you don’t really get to LIVE during it?

I’ll end this week with one of my all-time favourite youtube videos, pranks, and scenes from Ellen DeGeneres’ show.
Have a wonderful weekend; I hope you get to listen to a favourite song, catch a glimpse of a blue sky, get caught up in the royal wedding, and be surrounded by people you love.
Happy Friday!


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