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I have found some pretty cool gems this week on the interwebs, and have shared most of these links with a lot of my friends already. Feel free to leave a comment with your favourite internet find this week! Here are a few that I’ve been frequenting lately:
  • These statistics were just too interesting to not post! Do everyday twitter users have longer relationships? And does your diet have anything to do with oral sex frequency? Too cool!

Source: The Ballerina Project

  • These absolutely gorgeous photos of ballerinas in striking urban settings. I showed this to my brother’s ballerina girlfriend and she absolutely loved them.
  • Thinking about doing a big (or even small!) travel around the world, or a new place, in the near future? Check out these 6 Tips To Travel by an experienced world traveller.
  • I laughed out loud at this video! If you wished you were at Coachella last weekend, and have a similar sense of humour to me (as well as most people on the internet), check out Funny or Die’s hilarious movie on Jeff Goldblum at Coachella.
  • This post really opens your eyes to the reality of how others really see you, and how to accept this information without obsession.
  • My amazing friend back in Australia made this lovely video on youtube this week. Damien Rice + painting = chill. Check it out.

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  1. Clare said

    That image of the ballerina is just incredible – their innate hyper femininity and athleticism is pretty breathtaking.
    Thanks for sharing…
    Have a wonderful week

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