Lovely Links

Good Saturday everyone! While I do hope your weekends are productive, give yourself a break to enjoy some of the gems the Internet presents to us every once in a while (okay, more like all the time). Here are some of the things that have opened my eyes and/or made me smile recently:

  • When A Photograph Isn’t Just A Photograph is amazing! Makes me smile every time.
  • Possibly the greatest couples photo shoot of all time. Makes me want to head down to the South for some slow living, sunshine and soda pop.
  • I always have to google search recipes, but I definitely want to start using They Draw & Cook instead for my searches! Great drawings, and great food! What more could you want?


Summer Shoot by Henrik Purienne Layout by Meredith Leyerzaph


  • These polaroid shots from Wildfox Summer Lookbook have me dying for summer! It makes me remember swimming in pools with my t-shirt on, bulky plastic phones with curly cords, and uncomfortable lawn chairs that leave marks on your legs.
  • Centenarians’ outlooks and perspectives on their lives is a great read..I always find that advice you are given by someone is what they wish they could tell a younger version of themselves. It really reveals a lot about them.

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