Weekly Favourites 20

Let’s dive right into business this week!

1. Drinking champagne and wine with a fashion designer in her house/studio in Toronto

(for the record, I met with designer Marika Brose, who designs absolutely stunning dresses, and she was surprisingly down to earth and incredibly friendly! I highly recommend you check out her collections the next time you’re looking for a beautiful dress. And she’s looking to hire an intern right now too, all you fashion designers to-be!)

2. Fancy dinners at upscale restaurants, spending a day in Toronto with two great friends I’ve grown up with, and writing a whole day off from studying and school work

3. Concerts! I was so lucky to see the incredible Kina Grannis (check her out on youtube!) in Toronto, and she definitely knocked my socks off.

4. The last day of school! My university brought in a bunch of bouncy castle-type games, as well as free food and activities which was a great way to end the semester.

Some friends taking on the challenge

5. All of the boys in one of the clubs I’m involved with on campus held a dinner for all the girls on Friday night, which was absolutely adorable (as well as delicious!)

6. Pub nights! I love meeting more people from my program at university, enjoying great (free!) food and trivia

SONG LOVE: Helicopter by Oh Land


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