As part of my second year International Development course, I was able to produce an art project/creation, of our choice, within our seminar groups. We didn’t get marked on it, but everyone got strangely passionate about it and really threw themselves into the project. My seminar decided to make a movie in some capacity, but also get a chance to express ourselves individually. We put this together in about 3 hours (including drawing, painting, organizing!) and I was in charge of putting the video together and editing. I’d love it if you checked out the video below!

On each “puzzle piece” of the world, we wrote a word or phrase that we think is either a crucial issue to international development (such as aid), what we think is integral and crucial for development (such as universal human rights), or even what we hope to take from the program (such as ‘to rid the world or inequality and injustice’).

If you have any questions or comments I would absolutely love to hear them!


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