Sometimes, I feel like Sarah Von of Yes and Yes is my mentor who I’ve never actually met. We’re basically twins.

For those of you who’ve never checked out her site, I would definitely recommend it.

Anyways, there was a great guest post on yes and yes today about admitting we’re ambitious; how some lack ambition, while those who have it suppress it with modesty, that actually bases itself on self-doubt.

My whole life I’ve felt…ambitious. About pretty much everything. It’s definitely something that adds to my already-impressive stack of quirks, but I find that it also allows me to experience a lot more things and take up opportunities I wouldn’t otherwise.

Sometimes I lapse into my I-couldn’t-care-less state of mind, which is where can’t be bothered to challenge myself. I’m way more comfortable and content sitting in my bed browsing through blogs or sifting through homework than attending an event or activity alone, even though it’s something I’m interested or passionate about. I’ve done so much this year by just making the simple shift to not caring about being alone. Doing things solo means not having someone else to bail out on plans you made, whose opinion you have to consider (though this is always valuable and potentially challenging) or even who may distract you from the specific things that you want to get out of something.


I want to challenge everyone here to do something that scares them every day. For a lot of ladies (and guys too!) within my age demographic, I can safely say we feel too confined by self-consciousness to do the things we would LOVE to do. So go do something by yourself that you want to do, and don’t have to worry about finding a friend to accompany you.


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  1. […] Don’t put off doing new and exciting things this weekend. When else are you ever going to learn a skill, go to a show, or just get out and do something, anything, that you’ve secretly (or explicitly) been wanting or intending to do for a while? Weekends are the perfect time to do something for the first time. You have less excuses, and the thrill of knowing its Friday, or Saturday, for goodness sake, and what’s the point of a weekend if you don’t really get to LIVE during it? […]

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