Weekly Favourites 19

Okay, I can honestly say that last week was the busiest and most assignment-filled week of my entire year so far! Man, am I glad it’s over. I had a bunch of assignments (all big things, like 8-page essays) due throughout the week, and then 5 assignments due on Friday. Let’s just say I did not sleep very much at all.

1. I went on a field trip with my geography class, which was really quite funny seeing as you don’t really get to go on outings much in university.

source: weheartit.com


2. Getting dressed up with friends for big events! A big club on campus I’m part of had their end of the year banquet on Friday night and it was a great time

3. Finding secret spots in the library that just define YOU

source: weheartit.com

4. Spending hours talking on the phone to my brother, parents and best friend back at home

5. Planning great adventures and mini-trips for upcoming weeks!

6. Getting to know profs. Not just because they might like your essays more, but because you usually have similar passions and academic interests as them. Not to mention they can recommend grad programs specific to your interests.

SONG LOVE: The Rainmaker by Hans Zimmer


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