Weekly Favourites 18

Last week was warm and sunny, this week we got a huge dumping of snow and freezing temperatures to battle against. Thankfully, today is gorgeous once again and we’re getting even closer to April!

Just a side note, I have always sourced all the photos in the blog from weheartit.com until this post (the photos are my own). I will note the photo sources from now on since I am using more than one “supplier” :)

1. I got to see some amazing guest speakers this week – Alfred Orono Orono and Andy Bichlbaum (of the Yes Men), who were inspiring and motivated me to increase my civic engagement and participation in world issues.

2. For the first time this whole year, having a good amount of time (aka more than two days) to work on an essay.

3. I went tree planting bright and early Saturday morning which was amazing. The work was almost hypnotic, and the time flew by so fast! It was great to have a reason to get dirty and spend time outside.

4. I’ve done even more great cooking this week; I made Aloo Muttar for dinner and organic brownies for dessert, which I must say is something I never imagined I’d even have time to do.

5. Our International Development class group finished our art project on Friday, which took ridiculous amounts of planning and crossing our fingers that it would turn out! I’m in charge of editing the movie and will post a link to youtube of it as soon as I have it all finished and uploaded!

It's nice seeing all these items on my study desk at the library

6. The sunshine today (and yesterday) has put me in such a great mood, and there’s less than a month left until I return home to Vancouver! Which will be bitter sweet for sure, leaving all my friends here for the summer, but knowing that exams will be finished and summer will be there!


5 Years Time by Noah and the Whale

Problems by Mother Mother


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