Remember This?

Remember that thing? What’s it called? Summer?

Remember wearing sunglasses, tank tops, and leaving your hair completely unruly? And that feeling of the sun on your shoulders?

Remember hours spent out on lakes? In inflatable rafts, kayaks, canoes; rowing and then just letting the boat take you where it will while you sleep.




















Remember driving in cars with friends with no real destination? Those songs that make you think of summer, the smell of the cars, hot asphalt, slurpees and sunscreen?

Remember dirt roads? And picking blackberries until the juices stain your fingers for days, and your legs are covered in scratches? Remember blackberry dumplings, pie, tarts?

Remember rivers? And cliff jumping, inner tubes, wearing crocs, drinking Coronas, eating chips, carrying your beach towel in your purse?

























Remember riding bikes? Less driving, less busses, more just saddling up, riding over sidewalks and grass, through parks, to the ocean, to the water park, to your friend down the street. Remember riding your bike from a friends’ house to get home for dinner in time, and every house you pass smells like BBQ and the sun is giving you that perfect twilight?












Remember when sunsets didn’t mean that it was time to head inside? Remember when it signalled the start of even more to come, even more plans and adventures to unfold? Remember watching it while on a blanket on the beach, from your car, from a lake? Remember how the grass would make your legs smell wonderful and the bugs would come out to buzz around?


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