Weekly Favourites 16

Today has been amazing. I only have 2 small assignments due this week, which is a huge contrast to every single one of the last 8 weeks. It was sunny today and gorgeous and sort of warm, and I had a wonderful day in classes and with friends and getting lots of work done. Let’s move on to my week prior to today

1. Going to events solo. That’s right – alone. I honestly have a great time just being with myself sometimes, and I took myself to a movie showing of a film reviewing the accountability of the International Criminal Court, and then another movie called the Yes Men Fix The World – definitely a must-see!

2. SOCCER! I’m playing on a team for an indoor soccer tournament with some friends and man does it ever feel good to get back into soccer. We won our first game, too. What a treat.

3. Doing course selection for next Fall and getting all desired classes

4. When you run into people you know in the library and it turns into a late-night study marathon together.

5. Watching the Canucks vs Flames hockey game with a friend from Calgaray…needless to say, Vancouver kicked some serious Calgary butt.

6. Impromptu dinner dates with the boyfriend. We ordered embarrassing amounts of food at a small Chinese restaurant and ended up taking more food home than we ate while there. Yes to Chinese leftovers!

SONG LOVE: Doctor My Eyes by Jackson Browne


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  1. Molly said

    Lydia, Thanks so much for commenting on SP&A today! I hope you are my barista next time that happens to me :)

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