It might seem like all of a sudden, since I’ve been writing way more blog posts in the last few days, that I have much more time on my hands. Well, the truth is, I TOTALLY DO!

Two years ago for Lent I gave up swearing. That went pretty well, since it was only with a few friends that I would stoop pretty low on my vocabulary. Last year I gave up something that was harming my health. But this year, I really wanted to challenge myself much further. The problem? I didn’t want to go with one of the stereotypes. I can’t give up sugar (I really don’t think it makes that big of a difference in my life since I never buy any junk food), I only watch 3 TV shows (Glee, Gossip Girl and SNL), so that wouldn’t make a huge difference, and giving up reading blogs (I actually considered it!) would mean I would probably have to read non-stop for 3 weeks afterwards to catch up.

I really wanted to give something up that was taking over a lot of time in my life, especially since, as a student, I’m always dealing with time constraints and procrastination. I also wanted to deal with something that had probably become an addiction, in order to both give myself more time to focus on my relationship with God, as well as all the other much more significant and important things in my life, as well as attempt to experience a real sacrifice that I would struggle with every day.

So, I chose Facebook.

Now, some people might think this would be easy. However, I have friends all over the world who I communicate with every day over facebook (which helps avoid long distance text and call charges). I like to keep updated on the lives of my friends and siblings, seeing what they’re up to everyday, and just experiencing those kinds of international and cross-national interactions I wouldn’t be able to normally. But I am definitely addicted. I can’t even keep track of how many times I go on every day. Facebook is in my bookmarks bar, and the very first website I go on every. single. time. I go on the Internet. And I go on the Internet A LOT. It takes up way too much time I could be spending with people in REAL, tangible, every day life, keeps me up way too late at night, and sucks away precious studying time.

However, I wouldn’t be able to completely give it up. These are not ways of me “cheating” and taking the easy route out; they are for for specific reasons. I get a lot of messages via Facebook, not to email, regarding meetings and events for the clubs and groups I participate with on campus. I wouldn’t know about these otherwise. Also, they are a big part of my communications with friends back home, because sometimes I just want to say something longer than a text message.

So how to make this work out? I decided that I would only let myself go on Facebook once every two days. Easy right? The catch is that I can spend no more than ten minutes on it during that time. Which is a lot harder than it sounds!

So far so good; I haven’t cheated yet and I’ve made it a bit easier by removing the site from my bookmarks bar and signing off it on my iPhone. The funny thing is that whenever I do go on Facebook now, the time I spend on it is actually productive since I actually have things I need to do on it! For example, now when I sign in, I immediately go through notifications, messages, friend requests, the usual. But I then make is a priority to get everything I need to do out of the way; checking event times, sending messages, replying to wall posts, etc. And by the time that’s all done with, 10 minutes is up.

It’s been only four days so far, and I’ve definitely noticed improvements on my study habits and procrastination levels. What really helps is knowing that Lent ends a few days after I’m done final exams, so this is only going to be beneficial. I’m really hoping I can fight the addiction for the rest of these 40 days and maybe at the end come out as a “clean” Facebook addict.


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