After reading this post over at Yes and Yes, I have definitely re-sparked my fascination with Greece. Ever since we studied Ancient Greece in grade 7, my ridiculous obsession (there really isn’t another way to express my feelings) with this nation has been full blown. Everything about it. The history, the culture, the FOOD (very important), the mythology, the incredible scenery, the language…okay, just about everything. And I’ve heard my share of complaints from travellers, about the pollution, the crowds, the unbearable heat…but I am still determined! One of my favourite parts of Greek culture is the mythology; I collected and immersed myself in so many collections, stories, Greek-related fiction books, movies and even university courses throughout my life, I think even heading to Greece to know that I could be standing where King Minos once ruled would be a dream.

While I’m definitely planning on traveling Europe after graduating in a few years, my top priority is Greece. And I’m not the type who likes to be a tourist, I always plan on spending a good chunk of time wherever I go. I always see it that if you’re going to be somewhere on the other side of the world, you might as well take as much advantage of that as possible!

Where is your number one travel priority?

And if you’re interested in amazing posts about travel destinations, guides and beautiful photos, check out Yes and Yes.


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