If you haven’t already discovered, I apologize right now for bringing it into your life. This one website has taken so many minutes and hours of my life over…but I absolutely love it!

I don’t have many photos favourited on the site yet (I guess I’m picky), but decided I’d bring over a few of the ones that set off a spark, if you will, and that I feel I can write about.


It's kind of obvious when you think about it. But at the same time...most of the amazing things I want to accomplish in my life I hope to do while I'm young. Who knows really what "young" will mean to me in five years, but my point is I need to take advantage of these moments now, because in the future, who knows if there will be children, husbands, relatives, mortgages, obligations, a career, sickness, or what have you, holding me back? That thing you always wanted to do? Do it NOW.

This one is just kind of beautiful. It's a Bob Marley quotation (did you guys know that "quote" isn't actually a word?), that I found over at Delightfully Tacky ( Although it's so nice to be treated like this by whatever man or woman is in your life, I think it's just as important that we treat our men this way as well. If you have him now, let him know how you feel. He may be gone tomorrow, or in a few months. Who knows if you're meant to be or not. But for now, spread your love, you'll never run out and never regret it.

I'm going to end with this gem, since my economics textbook is glaring at me from the corner of my desk. You're awesome! What you're writing is awesome! The beauty of writing is that you can keep changing it until it becomes what you want it to be; you can edit and rearrange and find synonyms and inspirations and go back and delete it later if you're still not feeling it. So go ahead and write! Because that thing you are writing is AWESOME!


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