Weekly Favourites 15

Okay, I have been working on my upcoming post about the rest of the Universities Fighting World Hunger Summit, and I promise it will be up soon, but last week and this week have just been way too hectic to do anything fun. It’s so comforting to know that next week is the start of assignments and tests that have at least a couple days in between, but for now I’m reducing the sleep and increasing the time spent in the library. But I’ve still managed to have some wonderful times amidst the craziness.

1. When you stress beyond all reason for an exam, feel totally unprepared, and then go in and write it and realize…it wasn’t that bad! What a great feeling. I still haven’t gotten my mark back yet on it, but even the feeling of relief (and feeling smart) while writing the exam is nice enough.

2. I took myself out on a mini-date last Saturday (or as much of a date I could allow myself in between studying), including thrifting and getting tons of groceries. It’s so nice to do things by yourself sometime.

3. On the subject of thrifing, I guess I will share my purchases! Picked up some lime green keds-style shoes for about $7, a great pair of light blue and brown boat shoes, for $5, a beautiful greek-style blue and white flowy tunic, and a button up, light, khaki, sleeve-rolled-up collared top (which is something I have been obsessing over for spring!). Total came to about $20, which was definitely a nice surprise :)

4. We didn’t have enough players show up to our basketball game, so we had to forfeit. But the other team agreed to just scrimmage with us for about an hour or so, which was lots of fun and good practice.

5. Rain! Although I got tired of it quickly while waiting outside for half an hour for a bus with 3 huge bags of groceries and no umbrella, it meant that it was above zero degrees! Yay! Unfortunately, the snow came down again and we got about half a foot of it on Saturday night. Spring is not near, apparently…

6. Cooking! I’ve improved so much this year and now can make so many great things. I really impress myself every time I cook now. How wonderful.

SONG LOVE: I’ve got two this week!

The Spring Standards by Bells and Whistles

Coppertone by Hellogoodbye


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  1. i’ve become a big fan of cooking lately too! so rewarding to cook a big meal yourself :)

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