Weekly Favourites 14

I had such a great reading week, which makes it seem so much more unfair now that I have to keep doing classes and studying and writing essays…this upcoming week is so jam-packed that I really shouldn’t even be spending time writing this! But I’m behind on multiple blog entries, and I thought that this post would be a great way to set the mid-point of the day (don’t you love my excessive rationales? Total proof that I shouldn’t be doing something).

Anyways, here are the favourites for last week.

1. The Oscars last night was such a great finish to reading week; one of those times a year when you have a good, solid excuse to watch TV for 3 hours.

2. Toronto! It was my first time going, and I loved being back in a big city. Favourite part was definitely wandering through Kensington Market, honourable mention goes to sushi for dinner and being with hilarious friends.

3. Staying with my boyfriend, and another guy friend (basically a brother to me) for reading week.

4. I went bowling with a few friends one night and we had a blast! They put us on the kids lane because all the others were full, which made it even more fun.

Might I add that I won the first game?

5. Sleeping in until 2pm on some days…THAT feels good!

6. As my last two posts tell, I was at the Universities Fighting World Hunger Summit for past three days, and I won’t go into detail here (see my past/upcoming posts for more), but it was such an incredible experience and I absolutely loved meeting such amazing people, making friends and getting INSPIRED.

SONG LOVE: Eyes Wide Open by Gotye


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