Weekly Favourites 13

Another week closer to the end of the semester…we are officially halfway done! And here I am finally enjoying the much-anticipated reading week. School hasn’t been too overwhelming lately and I’ve really been enjoying the wonderful things in my life, once again.

1. Birthdays! Going out on random weeknights are amazing, but I only ever have the motivation to do so when it’s a friend’s birthday.

2. Reading week starting! Man do I ever need this break. Sadly, most of my break will be spent actually doing readings and studying

3. Valentines Day was lovely; got to spend some time with the bf, but the best parts were long phone calls with my best friend, watching the Notebook alone (you would never guess that I’m not single) and indulging in reading old love letters from past years

4. Cooking dinner with friends for dinner parties.

5. Meeting with delegates from my university who will be attending a conference with me next week.

6. Warm weather! We were blessed with a warm spell for 2 days this week, which allowed me to go outside without a winter coat for the first time in months, wear flats and enjoy WARM rather than freezing winds.

Me + Warmth = LOVE

SONG LOVE: I Know It’s Over by Jeff Buckley


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