Weekly Favourites 12

Tons of wonderful things happened this week! I couldn’t wait to share them all with you. Not to mention, it’s been such beautiful weather here! Lots of beautiful sunshine makes for lots of happy people.

1. I got the RA job for next year that I applied for! This was incredibly exciting because it not only reveals my source of income during the school semesters next year, but also where I will be living.

2. Finishing midterms for the next 2 weeks! For now I just need to get a head-start on my essays and studying.

Minus the stress, this is me

3. Spending late nights in the library with great friends, lots of tea, and my economics textbook.

4. Spending Friday nights quietly – watching movies, snacking on popcorn, chips and cupcakes and staying warm indoors.

5. Getting great marks! So far, I’ve been doing very well this semester and it only motivates me to do even better!

6. Going to a friends’ house for the weekend, spending time playing Wii, watching movies, reading meaningless books and eating lots of food.

SONG LOVE: Love And Happiness by Al Green


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