Weekly Favourites 11

Wow what a great week! There are so many things to cover I just might have to go over my usual limit of 6 items… :)

1. My Birthday was last Monday! I had a great day, finishing classes at 11:30am, going out for lunch with friends, doing a birthday present scavenger hunt, having an absolutely wonderful dinner out with my boyfriend and then ending the night with a great friend drinking margaritas for hours, even with the negative 20 degree weather.

THIS is what deserts should be like

2. Getting my new headphones (mentioned previously) in the mail! I absolutely love them and I wasn’t 100% sure that I would.

3. SNOW DAYS! Luckily for us students, we had the day off last Wednesday. Unluckily, it meant taking advantage of a whole day of studying. Homework-wise, last week wasn’t too superb.

4. Meeting with my discipleship group for the first time this semester

5. Skyping best friends

6. Creative group projects for classes that involve making new friends

7. Free cupcakes, s’mores and music with friends

8. Surviving the first economics midterm of the semester! I know I didn’t do extremely well (I made some stupid mistakes), but it feels so good to be out of the way

9. Going downtown during the day and night in within the same 24 hours. This included exploring cozy bookstores, as well as dancing at clubs and finishing the night with cheap Chinese food at 2:30am

Can you tell from these photos that I'm hungry right now? Mmmm..

10. Friends from out of town visiting.

11. Keeping busy, motivated and being surrounded by wonderful people always, all the time.


SONG LOVE: Come Around by Marc Broussard


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