Weekly Favourites 9

Okay, this post is embarrassingly late…almost by a week. I promise you, I have been unbelievably busy and will do my best to keep up in the future! I don’t remember a time when I have been as busy as I am these days, it’s so stressful! I can’t wait until reading break already…

1. Foreign language films

2. Playing my favourite sport – basketball – again. I’m definitely a little rusty but it’s tons of fun!

3. My interviews (a total of 5 hours) for an RA position in residence next year. They were actually a lot of fun and I ended up making some new friends out of them :)

4. Open mic nights

5. DJ Pauly D’s live show…he wasn’t the best DJ in the world, but it was a great night out, complete with Chinese food at 2:30am, dancing like guidettes (including mandatory fist pumping) and, of course, tequila shots.

6. Birthdays and quality time with friends

SONG LOVE: The Heart Is A Cannibal  by the Cat Empire


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