Nearing Winter

Ontario Style

For the last few weeks I’ve had the biggest craving for writing more in my blog…and what better way to start than with some lists?

Changes since the summer!

  • Moved from Vancouver, BC, to Guelph, Ontario
  • Am now a student of the University of Guelph, 2nd year, majoring in International Development and minoring in Geography (this is new!)
  • Living in East Residence, sharing a suite with 11 other girls, cooking my own food in a kitchen, and learning to adjust to the cold temperatures!

Things I Have Learned and Ways I Have Changed:

  • One major change that I have noticed, and others have commented on, is that I am much more outgoing now that I’ve moved away. Being in a place where I don’t know anyone forced me to break out of my shell and approach people and strike up conversations. This university has proven to be the best school for this; all the students are open and friendly and willing to talk to anyone.
  • Once again, I’ve learned you can’t plan too far ahead into the future..but this time I’m looking at a different scale. I usually plan my days out a few days in advance (in terms of what to cook for dinner, when/what/where to study, etc) and am finding that although it makes me way more productive, it’s getting in the way of spontaneity! I should be able to watch a movie or make a trip to the liquor store with my suitemates and friends whenever I want, and shouldn’t let a schedule I made up get in the way of that.
  • Always be open to traveling! I’ve been lucky enough to make some great friends here that have taken me home for weekends and allowed me to see more of Ontario, which is absolutely beautiful in the Fall.
  • School, unfortunately, needs to be a priority. Sometimes I let socializing get in the way of getting my work done and my marks are letting it show. Maybe some new resolutions are in need for semester 2?

To sum things up, I’m very happy at my new school and glad I chose it; I feel like it is perfectly suited to me. I’m involved in lots of groups here, there are tons of awesome events going on all the time, volunteer opportunities and great people everywhere. Although I haven’t been homesick, I’m pretty excited to be heading home in only 25 days! I will always think of Vancouver as the greatest city, and can’t wait to head back to the downtown streets to take in the beautiful Christmas trees, lights and atmosphere of the city. Not to mention take part in the usual Deep Cove Christmas love – Christmas day church service, the Penguin Plunge on New Years Day, Winter Solstice, sledding, baking, carolling, and, most importantly, seeing friends and family that I’ve been away from for months.


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